2 Touch Passes x 3

Coaches & players, here’s a great activity anyone can try while warming up at practice. Give this a try.


Set up as shown with 2 cones (the distance between can be modified depending on ability or challenge you want to set for your players).

1 player on each cone and 1 player in the middle, 1 ball between the 3.

Players always take 2 touches. The ball is moved from one player into the middle player and then to the other player before the sequence is repeated from the other side.

Coaching Points

Ideally get your players taking the two touches with both feet, controlling with one foot and passing with the other.

Demand firm accurate passes to help improve the players first touches.

The player in the middle should look to move and find a new space to receive after every pass they make.

Ideally get the player in the middle to receive body open. If not then get them to open their body with the first touch that they take.

Thank you to Sportsplan, a great resource for soccer activities for all ages groups.