Minutes April 2012

Taughannock Soccer Club Minutes

April 25, 2012

Attendance:  Todd Edmonds, Deb Austic, Tammy Parker, Jeff Asbrand, Alan Pierce, Bill Coon, Tara Masters, and Colleen Civiletto

1.  Treasurers Report:  We reviewed financials ending on 4/15/12.

2.  Kicking Wall:  Aaron Dennis and his son designed a plan for a kicking wall.  Todd is going to contact the school to share the proposal and brainstorm for a possible location.

3.  Shed:  The purchase of a shed will be put on hold until the construction is finished on the middle school fields.

4.  Director of Coaching:  Todd and Bill are setting up a meeting with our new director of coaching, Glenn Lines.

5.  Our club hosted a successful e-certification course.  Current coaches who went through the program will be reimbursed.

6.  The board would like to give out a Taughannock Soccer Club serviced award at the Senior Banquet.  We were thinking of a monetary award that would be given to one girl and one boy based on their community service, good sportsmanship, and giving back to the soccer community.  We brainstormed for a few possible candidates for this year.

7.  The board is looking for a few juniors, or sophomores to be a “youth board member.”  Todd was going to draft a paragraph outlining what that would include.  The idea was also mentioned that these students could nominate recruitments at the end of their term for the following year.

8.  Membership fee for Taughannock soccer is $20 for the recreational program or travel league.

9.  Many ideas were bounced around for the fall recreational program.  One idea was to have more people to help sign up on the first day.  Also, coaches could be ready to start with those people signed up and there on time.  When another group came, registered, and was ready they could start another group rather than interrupt the group already started.  Some of the club and school teams may ask their players to come and help out.  Finally, some of the club coaches may be asked to share an activity or lesson which could be used during the fall rec. program.

10.  The kick-back nets will be assembled and available for use.

11. The board discussed the pros and cons of setting a standard fee for all age groups.  For example all U10 boys and girls would pay the same amount.