Minutes March 2012

Taughannock Soccer Club

Minutes March 21, 2012

Attendance: Todd Edmonds, Alan Pierce, Debbie Austic, Tara Masters, Bill Coon, Colleen Civiletto

1.  Treasurers Report:  The treasurer reviewed financials for the months ending with February 15th and March 15th.

2.  We discussed supplies and resources.

  • Someone was checking to make sure everyone had coaches’ bags.
  • Coaches’ bags should include a white board to draw plays and or describe the game.
  • We brainstormed for ideas about a lending library of coaching/soccer DVDs.    Does the club already have some?  Perhaps Herte could look into buying more when he places a uniform order.  Where will they be kept?
  • Herte is in the process of purchasing coaches’ bags, cones, whistles, uniforms, and white board if necessary.

3.  Steve Jackson has agreed to line the fields.  Scott Stewart will train him.  The lining of the fields should start the week of April 13th.

4.  We are looking into the area behind the baseball field as a possible U10 field for the spring.

5.  The board is still looking into a soccer shed and a kicking wall.   Both of these items may have to wait until 2013 as there is a large capital project starting that will directly affect the middle school fields.  The district would rather not put up anything at this time that will have to be moved.  Presently there is a baseball shed near the middle school fields.  The shed could be used by the modified teams in the fall.

6.  We are hoping to hold the E Certification Course the weekend of April 13th-15th in the high school gym.  Todd has filled out the necessary building use forms.  We are hoping for a few more people to sign up to meet the minimum number of participants.

7.  Glenn Lines has agreed to take on the role of Director of Coaching.  We are still working out the details for what this would entail.

8.  The board would love to get more youth energy into the club.  Maybe we could have students join the board and help with things like lining the fields, and  helping with the fall rec, or summer camp.

9.  We continued to discuss giving out awards from the Taughannock Soccer Club.  A modified award could focus on sportsmanship.  A high school award could be a scholarship and focus on giving back to the community.

10.  Summer Camp Update

  • Flyers went out to the elementary and middle school students.
  • Tammy Parker is looking into getting a tent from Rick’s Rental.

11.  The board continued its discussion of paying someone to coordinate and plan the fall recreational program.  Bumping up the fee $5 would cover this.