Minutes February 2012

Taughannock Soccer Club

Minutes February 15, 2012

  1. Attendance:  Herty Betancourt-Trompa, Alan Pierce, Todd Edmonds, Deb Austic, Jeff Asbrand, Tara Masters, Colleen Civiletto
  2. Officer’s Report- Treasurer- We will review the financials for the month ending February 15, 2012 at our next meeting.
  3. The board approved a scholarship for a U12 member.
  4. The board discussed the purchase of a shed to be put by the middle school fields.  We’d like to put it in this spring so it would be available for the fall as we might have to use the fields for Taughannock soccer games and practices.  The school’s modified program would benefit by being able to store their stuff in the shed.   The next steps for the board is to look into cost, and size.  This will have to be coordinated with the school starting with Mike Babcock, head of department and grounds.
  5. The board is in need of a new line painter for the spring.  Scott Sherwood is willing to train the next person.  Todd will email a list of names of people who may be interested.
  6. Tammy Parker has flyers and is starting to organize the distribution for the Challenger Summer Soccer Camp.
  7. The E-Certification course will be held the weekend of April 13-15th in the high school gym.  Building use forms need to be filled out to acquire the use of a classroom and DVD player.
  8. Herty is waiting to gather information about uniforms from spring coaches so he knows how many new ones to order.
  9. The Board is still looking to add a Director of Coaching.
  10. The Board would love to get more youth energy into the club.  We discussed a few ideas like the Club could have an award at the sports banquet that would link back to Taughannock Soccer.  An award could be given at the senior awards in the form of a scholarship.  It should focus on community service, good sportsmanship, and giving back to the soccer community.  We could also give an award at the modified level which would start good public relations early on.  Could there be a banquette at the end of a season.  Maybe a dish to pass and some soccer.  Each participant could get a certificate.
  11. The board also discussed the possibility of paying someone to coordinate and plan sessions for the fall recreation league.  Some of the discussion highlights included the fact that we might need two coaches, one for U8 and one for the older group.  Bumping up the fee $5 would cover the cost.  Maybe someone taking the E-Certification course would be interested and it would count as one of their coaching commitments.