Minutes May 2012

Taughannock Soccer Club

Board Meeting Minutes May 23, 2012

  • Attendance: Todd Edmonds, Bill Coon, Herty Bentacourt-Trompa, Deb Austic,  Jeff Asbrand, and Colleen Civiletto
  • Kicking Wall- we have preliminary approval from Mike Babcock.  The next step is to get on the board’s agenda.  A walk through will have to be scheduled to decide on a location.  Todd will approach Aaron Dennis to see if he would like to take the lead on this project.
  • Glenn Lines will be appointed as the club’s first Director of Coaching.  The board reviewed a job description, qualifications, and responsibilities.  We hope this will better our program…focusing on how coaches conduct their team and how they show sportsmanship.  The board also discussed a salary for this position. We will connect with other clubs to compare their rate of pay.

    Glenn has purchased some equipment, like white boards, to use as teaching aids in his new position as Director of Coaching. He will need to be reimbursed.

  • The board approved a job description for a junior board member.  Potential members will be invited to a board meeting to go over the job description, talk about expectations, and see if they are interested.
  • Bill Coon will present two Taughannock Soccer Awards (one boy and one girl)  at the Senior Awards Banquet June 6, 2012.
  • New Business:
  1. Someone is looking into what paperwork needs to be filled out for taxes purposes when hiring a Director of Coaching.
  2. Summer Idea- pick up game for kids.  Could be held at the same time as the adult pick up games on Sunday possibly bringing in more people.
  3. Picnic The club would like to hold a Welcome/ Taughannock Soccer Club picnic the week of the British Soccer Camp.  It would be to celebrate the end of spring travel and welcome the coaches.  The event could be held right at the school and a tent would already be set up for the camp.  We were looking at mid-week perhaps Wednesday.
  4. Equipment- Herty is going to purchase some goalie gloves, jerseys, and pinnies.