Minutes October 2012

Taughannock Soccer Club

Board Meeting October 24, 2012

Attendance: Todd Edmonds, Brad Farnham, Bill Coon, Colleen Civiletto, Vicki Wright, Deb Austic, Tammy Parker, Mike Holcomb, Jeff Asbrand, Tara Masters

Treasurers Report:  went over financials ending

Director of Coaching, Glen Lines, arranged a coaches meeting to talk through the fall season and upcoming spring.  Glen has also been working on  a soccer manual for coaches which would include things like appropriate skills for different age levels.

EJ and Aaron Dennis are looking into the possibility of an indoor soccer clinic this winter.

Todd is submitting a building request for Sunday soccer.  He’s also sending an email to coaches to see what groups and numbers would be interested.

The board is still looking for new members.  Also, Tara Masters will be stepping down as treasurer, and Colleen Civiletto will be stepping down as secretary.  The board is looking to replace those positions.

The nets need to be taken down for the winter. Bill Coon is sending out an email asking for help in early November.

Second Session indoor registration is due in January.

The idea of a post recreational soccer tutorial for parents came up.  It’s too late for this year as the season has ended, but a possibility for next.  Could Glenn Lines help with this as the Director of Coaching?