Minutes September 2012

Taughannock Soccer

Minutes September 26,2012

1.  Attendance:  Bill Coon, Tara Masters, Jeff Asbrand, Deb Austic, Colleen Civiletto

2.  Treasurers Report

  • Reviewed budget ending in 8/15/12 and 9/15/12
  • As the club’s CDs are due for renewal, they will be moved to the Tompkins County Trust Company
  • The 2012 tax certificate was completed and submitted

2.  No new news on the kicking wall

3.  Glenn Lines has joined the club as the Director of Coaching

4. Soccer Shed-Remember to pick up and help keep the shed organized

5.  The board is in need of new members

  • Tara Masters will be stepping down as Treasurer
  • Colleen Civiletto will be stepping down as Secretary
  • Managers should be sending out an email to their parents inviting them to the next meeting.

6.  Bill Coon has drafted a parent travel commitment letter and player code of conduct.  Board members will be reviewing it and providing feedback.

7. Sign Up for indoor season is due at the field by October 19th for the first session.  Information can be found on the field website http://CRCtheFIELD.info

8.  Bill Coon has soccer rule books that are available for teams and parents if anyone wants them