Indoor Soccer Details

Things to know when you participate in the Indoor Soccer Program at The Field in Lansing

Note: There are two indoor soccer sessions; they run from early November to mid-January and from mid-January through March. Team registrations are usually due at least two weeks before a session starts. Therefore, if interested in participating, you should contact the program coordinator or a Club Board member no later than the first two weeks of October or December, respectively.

TSC Program Coordinator’s Responsibilities

  1. Review league information for the The Field.
  2. Publicize league and program information to Club membership (via email, signs, letters to newspapers).
  3. Post deadline for team registration on Club website and disseminate information to the team managers.
  4. Help to fill roster and identify a coach and manager for each team.
  5. Tabulate fees associated with the program for each age group (including league fee, field rental fee for practice times, referee fees, coach’s fee, if applicable). Notify the managers about these fees.

Player’s Responsibilities

  1. Confirm that a Club team will be forming for your age group and gender.
  2. Register with the Club by filling out a membership form and giving it, along with the membership fee, to the team manager.
  3. For first time league players, a photocopy of your birth certificate or passport is required to confirm your age.
  4. Review the Club’s Code of Conduct.

Parent’s / Guardian’s Responsibilities (also see Player’s Responsibilities above)

  1. Register player with the Club.
  2. Pay program fee to the team manager.
  3. Fill out Medical Release Form and give to manager.
  4. Review Club’s Code of Conduct.

Coach’s Responsibilities

  1. Obtain an up-to-date Coach’s Pass (i.e., Risk Management Process). Check New York State West Youth Soccer Association website for information.
    Send an email to the Club Registrar to request a pass and start the process — include your FULL name, birthdate, home address, home phone number, and an email address you would like to use. The registrar will process your request and NYSWYSA will email you instructions. The Registrar will notify you when your pass has been received. The cost of the pass will be paid by the Club.
  2. Identify equipment needs and inform the Program Coordinator.
  3. Review league information for The Field.
  4. Inform TSC Club President of the desire for practice time at The Field or in a Tburg School gym.

Manager’s Responsibilities

  1. If you plan to be on the team side of the field during games, obtain an up-to-date Manager’s Pass (i.e., Risk Management Process). Check New York State West Youth Soccer Association website for information.
    Follow instructions given above for Coaches.
  2. Review league information for The Field.
  3. Submit Team Registration form to league coordinator.
  4. Divide total Program fee for the team (computed by the TSC Program Coordinator), and collect each player’s share of this fee. Send the league fee to the league coordinator, the Club program fee to the Club Treasurer, and retain the referees’ fees.
  5. Collect players’ Club membership forms (for any player, who has not already registered with the Club for the current soccer year). Pass them, along with the team name, age group, names of the coach, the manager, and a complete list of players, to the Registrar. The Registrar will create an official team roster and make arrangements to get the roster to the manager before the first game.
  6. Collect a medical release form from each player. Bring these forms and the referee fee to each game.
  7. Contact Uniform Coordinator and obtain the required number and sizes of jerseys.
  8. If not done by the coach, inform TSC Club President of the desire for practice time at The Field or in a Trumansburg School gym.